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-Fun and safe exercise for all stages of pregnancy

  • Exercise during pregnancy helps with:

    • Preventing gestational diabetes, Pre-eclampsia and infant macrosomia.​

    • Controlling pregnancy weight gain.

    • Maintaining cardiorespiratory fitness.

    • Preventing Injury, falls and reducing chronic pain.

    • Preparing your body for delivery and recovery,


Return to Me

-From Delivery to 6 Months Post-Partum

  • Exercise during this time is beneficial for:​​

    • Strengthening your core and pelvic floor muscles

    • Learning how to return to exercise safely after childbirth.

    • Improve diastasis recti, incontinence and lumbo-pelvic pain.

    • Improve energy and mood.


Momma on the Move

- For Mommas who are 6 Months + post-partum and want to bring their baby along. 

  • Exercise during this time is beneficial for:

    • Learning fun ways to exercise with your baby.​

    • Forming a special bond with your baby.

    • Increasing your strength and endurance to keep up with your little movers needs.

Fitness Ladies

Super Momma

-For Mommas who are 6 months Post-Partum

  • Exercise during this time is beneficial for:

    • Increasing your muscular strength.​

    • Increasing your cardio fitness for heart health.

    • Regaining, increasing and maintaining flexibility.

    • Increasing your energy.

    • Balancing our your mood. 

    • Meeting local moms and making friends. 


Stressed Out Momma

- For Mommas who just need some me time

  • This is beneficial for your all around sanity and self care. 

Body Through Baby

Welcome to Everhart Life Sport and Recovery. We are here to help you safely navigate through one of the biggest moments of your life, Pregnancy. Come in and safely work with our trainer who has spent years developing prenatal exercise programs for research studies at Penn State and studied how to manage pain post-partum. 

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