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Everhart Life Sport Recovery is committed to providing the best possible program for each individual while ensuring their safety. That's why we perform a thorough assessment on every client to determine the most effective approach to help them reach their goals.


At ELSR, Our staff has more then 31 years of experience in the field.

Our location is off Bristol Avenue and has state of the art equipment to meet your training knees:


Cardio equipment                      Kettle bells

Punching bags                           Dumbbells

Barbells                                      Cable Machines

Medicine Balls                            Bands

Ropes                                          Sleds

Olympic Platform                      Bench Presses


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Founder and owner, Heather Everhart, has helped many people avoid joint replacements, be pain-free, maintain their independence, continue after physical therapy and even climb Machu Picchu. She graduated with her BS in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University and since then she has received ten certifications. Based on her 14 successful years in the industry, some adjectives her clients use to describe her are: honest, exceptional, expert, observant, encouraging, patient and healer.


“Helping others when they thought they had exhausted all other options has made my journey worthwhile and has enabled me to uplift people and allow them to live life again."

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